Thursday, November 1, 2012


 Sib baik aku ada pengalaman di tipu oleh PENIPUAN DI FACEBOOK - ZALIZA SAID 2 tahun lepas..sib baik duit aku x melayang... so bebaru ni aku si sapa pulak oleh kawan sepesbuk.. namanya Azrul SAiful, kononnya stay kat TExas.. nk kenal dgn aku lak ...siott jer kan..... aku ni pulak ikhlas nak berkawan.. dok citer la pasai anak aku semua...dia pun okay je chatting citer bab mak dia..adik bradik dia....

nak tengok muka dia? tp aku rasa dia just gunakan gambar orang lain ni jer...sian mamat nih.. gambar dia lak jd bahan...

kete besor..sah sah nak ngayat pompuan nihh....

lepas tu dia hantar aku email.. cenggini....:

On Fri, 10/5/12, Azrul Saiful wrote:

From: Azrul Saiful
To: "Hanna Bt Yusof Hanna"
Date: Friday, October 5, 2012, 5:12 AM

Hello my love i want to use this opportunity to tell you more about my life biography/history from the past to this moment how i have been 
living and sustaining by the grace and power of Allah, I will start by telling you more about myself, I am Azrul,Saiful Abidin from Kajang 
state, Home town Jalan Reko, Malaysia. my parents are both Malaysians, they had we two son here in U.S.A, i am the eldest and the other is my 
younger brother.

My late dad has worked with the Malaysian Embassy also in co-operation with the U.S.A embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, later he got 
transferred letter with a Resident State Permit Card ( Green Card) to live and work in Malaysian Embassy in the Northwest of Washington Dc 
United State, after his age of retirement he finally Relocated to Houston,Texas . Their i had my Final Master Degree in Engineering Course, And 
in 2004 i graduated from Sam Houston State University U.S.A, Alhamdulillah i have a comfortable work, Apartment and happy life over here, I've 
been working here in USA since after i finished my master degree in my Engineering field course, and in the field i have acquired so many 
knowledge to improve my skills and i have also trained a team working in hands with me.

Throughout the times i have been studying here in oversea i did not have the opportunity to learn the course Bahasa Malayu reason, The country 
did not include it on the subjects i took in my primary- secondary-college- university level, I've been to Malaysia when i was 7 years, 
Presently my dad had passed away, i just had my mom and my younger brother now, we live together as one happy family, sometimes my brother 
comes home to visit because he lives in University Hostel studying now, My moral language is English, but my mom can speak Malaysia.

My religion is Islam so I'm a Muslim and i am proud to be, many living here do not practice the religion instead live the way they choose to 
but i have choose to respect my religion, and to increase my fate in Allah i always do my Solat on due time, because i want keep to the wills 
of Allah.

the fact that i grew up here had really improve me in my way of life and thinking, and have as well impact in me the knowledge of handling 
cases/situation that comes around, My previous relationship was a case to use as an example for my illustration, for a relationship to grow 
long and last forever their should be a mutual understanding between the two partners, and in a case where the two partners do things without 
the awareness of the others relationships always fails because you don't know what your partner is up to, sharing ideas also helps because it 
makes you know your partner likes and dislikes, i don't have much to say about my past relationship but all i can say is that i lost feeling of 
getting along with woman here because they are all invaded with the life of going to the clubs, women here are almost drinking,smoking and 
after that behaves in a mischievous way, i have tried to stop it with my my ex but could not, i could not handle her character after drinking 
and smoking because it's irritating that is why i decide to make a good choice and be patient for Allah to provide the best match for me.

And on how i spend my day on daily basis, I work 6days in a week ranging from Monday-Thursday Time 8:30am to 5:30pm, Friday-Saturday Time 
9am to 12pm. I normally wake up at 5:00am-5:30am, First i do my solat Subur, after that i take up my towel go to the bathroom, Brush my teeth, Take 
my bath, and Eat my breakfast meal. After that i set out from my home 7:30am reaching office 8am, start my work  from 8:30am and finish work at 
5:30pm. I am almost free from 9:00am-11am in my office because then i just access and look into the new contracts request coming in for 
approvals on my computer, and then as soon as it's prompt 12pm i am always in the sites to supervise on my teams functions and work how it is 
going if progressive had to give them some credits to there efforts, and also direct them while working. This are the areas of work i cover in 
my Engineering field in Road/bridge construction work, after that i start preparing to do my Zohor prayer before i go for my lunch.

After my lunch time, i continue my work in the field until 4pm i drive back to the office, give account to my supervisions on how the work in 
the field are improving. after that my Asar prayer follows, I keeping working till office closing hour at 5:30pm. 

When i get back home i check my mom, take a shower, come back to the sitting room and talk with my mom, while doing so i watch some sports 
analysis and highlights on TV sets. sometimes i read documentaries books, and before the end of the day i do my Maghrib and Isyak prayers on 
due times. 

Sometimes i eat what my mom had prepared for dinner together with her and when she did not i drive out with her to get our menu for dinner, 
my sleeping time is temporary depending on when my eyes start closing hehe *__*, this is how my day always goes by, now it's your turn to tell 
me more about how you normally spend your time thanks for reading, i wait for your reply Salam.


tengok kan.. siap guna nama Allah lagi... mmg sifiyalfal betul ni nmpak dia mcm baik jerrr..salu lak bgtau aku dia tolong mak dia.... nmpak mmg sorang yg baiklah...
lepas pada tu, kami chat mcm biasa jelah... 
aku pun xde la kata nak melayan jer sgt... time aku on fb tu dia chat aku reply jelah,,,, pastu start kata suka kat aku la... aku gini ah.. aku gitu lah... masa tu aku dh rasa lain macam jugaklah,,, dah mcm syak syak sikit,, tapi x pe... ku LAYANKAN juga.. nak tengok la game dia ...since dia kata dia banyak duit so, aku try mintak barang kt dia...aku kata nak kamera DSLR... senang jer dia kata okay...tak pulak dia tanya aku nak model apa...since dia kata dia pun ada gift utk aku....
since aku dah ada experiance lepas, soo aku dgn sukanya melayan game dia ni... sebb internet kat umah aku ni pun free kan.. so layanjelah sambil tdokan anak aku....sajalah nak tengok dia pandai ke aku yang pandai....dia kata dia IN LOVE dgn aku ..poodahhh puiii....dia mintak alamat... aku on jelah bagi alamat.. tapi aku x bagi alamat betoi pun...aku main tembak je alamt umah sapa ntah area flet aku ni jugaklah..... lepas tu mntak no fone.. so aku bagi jugaklah.... lantak dialah nak kol kan...
2 ari selepas raya hari aritu dia kol... tapi suara mcm engineer kat opis aku tu jer.. xdelah dengar suara org yang born n membesar kat Texas... xde pun bunyi sleng 'sssssss' tu...  x pe.. aku LAYANKAN lagi...
so aku rasa dia saja kol aku utk memastikan no hp aku tu that nanti senang lah diorg nak suh aku masuk duit kan....

Lepas tu dia tanya aku dh smpai belum Parcle dia..aku kata belum la... dia bagi aku tracking no..& link... aku click.... tengok web tu cam simple sangat... boleh nmpak kat badan kapal terbang UPS tu diorg tindan dgn tulisan FAST DELIvery courier services. lps tu aku trace la parcle aku tu, once click jer nak terpegsan la aku baca isi kandungan parcle tu...SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII, BLACKBERRY BOLD ntah apa model ntah, CANON DSLR KAMERA, HANDBAG LV, KASUT PRADA, CHOCOLATE, MINYAK WANGI, BUNGA, BRA, PANTIES, RANTAI & SATU SEALED ENVELOPE.  kat sini jer mmg dah nmpak sgt sgt dah.. apa dia tau sais kaki aku? apa dia tau sais panties aku? kamera pun x tanya apa model....dah bagi SIII, nak bagi BB buat apa pulak... kat situ jer dah jelas... x pe.. aku LAYANKAN lagi.....ko kaya raya sangat kan... hokeh

sambil tu aku google nama dia tp x jumpa.. no fone dia x jumpa...lepas tu aku cek alamat dia yg ada kat shipment details tu... YES aku JUMPA...mmg alamat tu ujud... tapi uolls tau alamat tu tempat apa..? Tadika Montessori.. BIJAKNYAAA....

lepas tu.. aku try google courier service tu.. ada pun nama Fast Delivery Courier Services.. xjumpa punnnnnn... aku hanya leh access thru link yg dia bagi.. kalau aku taip manually link tu kat google mmg xjumpa.... so kompemlah ni SCAM

Esuknya pagi2. aku received call dari syarikat Courier fast Delivery yang kononnya beroperasi di sabah... diorg nak kompomkan alamat aku.. pompuan india yg bercakap tu... cakap melayu je pon... nombor pakai no hp 019-2646007... x kan opis besar cenggitu xde hotline kannnnn.. aku LAYAN jugak...

petang sikit dia kol lagi.. cakap aku kena bayar tax & clearence fees 850USD bersamaan dgn lebih kurang rm2800. aku cakap I wont pay any single cent... lepas tu dia suh aku kol sender balik.. aku tanya balik kenapa lak aku kena kol sender? sender bayar ko utk perkhidmatan since aku refused nak bayar then, ko lah setelkan dgn sender... di sebbkan aku mcm angin sikit.. aku x sempatla nak layan dialog seterusnya.. aku akap deret je dgn dia.. i know tis is scam & your courier service does not exist!!. terus dia letak tepon....

Malam aku on fb.. tetiba si Azrul ni masuk... ayat cam baik jerr.... kali ni aku dah x boleh nak LAYANKAN lagi .. dia tanya pasal parcle.. aku kata takdak duit nak bayar tax... dia tanya lagi tp aku dah x mampu nak berpora pora aku kata dia courier service to x ujud pun....aku dah trace semua info... even alamat dia pun aku dh trace... OTOMATIKNYA dia jadi marah pulak..dia kata.. SO NOW I AM a LIER?? aku kata YESSSS a big LIER. im not stupid.. bla bla bla..aku bahasakan dia... dia reply guna bahasa lembut plak.. dia kata hanya Allah tahu dia tu betul la kononnnn.. aku x peduli.. kaw kaw la aku cakap.. ingat aku ni kebuloq reta dia ke... ingt semua pompuan malaysia ni bodoh? aku pun lupa dah apa aku merapu dgn dia.. lepas tu dia taip kat aku GO TO HELL.. hahahahaha dia marahhhhh.... nak je aku sepakkkkk dia huh... aku silap td.. di sebabkan aku emo sikit abis chatting2 tu aku deleted..patutnya aku paste kat sini dulu kan...selepas itu dengan rasminya dia telah memBLOCKED aku... sib baik aku ada simpan gambar dia.. so aku telah publish di wall aku....

Sekianlah cerita aku pada hari ini....Aku harap korang2 semua jgn lah mudah terpedaya dgn gift2 dan duit2 yg tetiba je ada org nak bagi.... semua tu palsu belaka...tiada yang FREE dalam donia ini...


  1. Hanya yg celik minda aje tak tertipu Hana. Sebab ramai rakyat negara kita macam percaya sangat kalau 'omputih' yg cakap hairan bin ajaib kan.

    Mesti hot dia bila Hana smash dia - baru padan muka dia.

  2. yalah kak.. bila hana google rupanya ramai yang dah terkena dgn jenis penipuan yang macam ni..

  3. baru dia tauu pmpuan malaysia ni bukan senang sangat nak kena tipu.....

    ramai yg kena camni kan kak..dalam paper ade je.

  4. skrg ni mamat Azrul ni masih aktif dlm FB.. tp dia dah block akk.. harap2 ramai lah yg sedar...

  5. ish...scary betul benda2 mcm ni...adoi la...

    nasib baik ko pandai nok...

  6. ish... beraninye kamu layan dia dik nun...

  7. Nieza, sy layan jugak la Niza nak tau apa seterusnay yang jadi kan.. sy mmg berani.. berani di alam maya jelah.. kalau face to face ketaq kepala lutut hihihii

  8. wah...memang ada ye orang macam ni....nak tengok picture dia...sebab kawan saya ada berkenalan dgn lebih kurang macam ceta yang sama..tpi just baru kawan-kawan...dari facebook jugak....just in case...nak buat spot check......

  9. Yaitu dia yang berlaku tidak bercela, yang melakukan apa yang adil dan yang mengatakan kebenaran dengan segenap hatinya,
    yang tidak menyebarkan fitnah dengan lidahnya, yang tidak berbuat jahat terhadap temannya dan yang tidak menimpakan cela kepada tetangganya;
    yang memandang hina orang yang tersingkir, tetapi memuliakan orang yang takut akan TUHAN; yang berpegang pada sumpah, walaupun rugi;
    yang tidak meminjamkan uangnya dengan makan riba dan tidak menerima suap melawan orang yang tak bersalah. Siapa yang berlaku demikian, tidak akan goyah selama-lamanya.

  10. Tak faham apa yang dimaksudkan dengan , adakah anda merasakan ini fitnah semata..

  11. Salam, saya pun hampir menjadi mangsa...tapi dengan orang lain. ibarat buku bertemu ruas...mulanya layankan aja...sebab macam dah nampak sikit2 penipunya..followkan rentaknya...pastu dia kata sampai kat airport dari korea ke malaysia uruskan bisnes dia...ok lagi tu...sampai kat klia, kena tahan dek kastam...sebab simpan duit dalam luggage lebih had....pastu kastam mintak settle 20 k...masa dia call, saya suruh dia cakap " i wanna speak to the officer" then dia panggil...orang tu busy....saya call hq kastam minta penjelasan...kastam bgtau itu scam, suruh je dia isi borang no.22 for declaration....dia call n sms balik kastam tak nak layan suruh bagi 10k lak..siap ada diskaun lagi tu.....saya ckp meh bg detail dia semua,alamat n pasport...dia x sikit saya ...what's next?so dia cakap...lastly...want me to assist him with RM 5000 to settle down (dia ingat aku cop duit)...aku cakap meh detail dia semua,alamat n pasport no...then i will assist you with my friends police and custom officer...instead im a lawyer...boleh saman pegawai tersebut utk corruption....and si penipu ni get a big problem to face this issue in court.......terus tak reply...then 15 minit kemudian...dia bagitau nama penuh dia n nama company and detail lain x da coz...kastam tu dah menambahkan angin...mcam le bodoh sangat kita ni....saya pun reply...."ambik balik pasport tu dari dia...bagitau lokasi u sangkut kat klia...then we will find you...(mimpiler)atau you tried to scam on me".......langsung tak reply sampai ke sudah...hahaha...memang buku bertemu ruas le mamat ni....

  12. sebenarnya banyak kes kes penipuan ni yang sedang berlaku sekarang dan ianya bukan fitnah.. saya membuat entry ini untuk berkongsi dengan readers di luar sana tentang penipuan internet ini.. terpulang untuk percaya atau tidak. di sebabkan entry ini juga say mendapat feedback dari beberapa orang di FB yang juga hampir di tipu oleh manusia sebegini.
    saya akan kongsi dlm entry seterusnya

  13. Dia tukar nama baru Mohd Faiz

  14. Gambar masih sama tidak bertukar...

  15. Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Salam, mcm mana nak contact Puan Hanna ya?

  17. boleh INBOX sy di fb atau wassap 017-2437857


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