Thursday, November 1, 2012


jam dah cecah ke angka 2... 2 pagi tau.. bukan 2 petang.. tapi aku gigih jugak nak taip entry ni sebab aku x sabaq sabaq nak habaq kat uools semua pasai si PENIPU INTERNET, PENIPU FACEBOOK, SCAMMER.

sebenarnya aku dh pernah kena 2 tahun lepas dgn sorang pompuan yang mngaku mak minah salleh & bapak dia melayu.. guna nama ZALIZA SAID...
lama jugak kami berkenal kenallan..smpai aku pun mula pecaya kat dia.. salu dok kolling2 aku la...
then tetiba dia kat ank bg aku gift pulak.. aku okay jeah kan sebb ingatkan nak hantar Poskad ke ... aku mmg hampir2 kena tipu,..sanggup pulak nak meminjam duit kat kawan2.. bodo sungguh aku masa tu.. nasib baik Allah bagi petunjuk kat aku.. aku fikir2 dah akhirnya aku refused to pay... Jom layan email aku dgn dia....

ni lah email pertama dia yang menjebakkan diri aku...

On Tue, 8/24/10, Zaliza Said <> wrote:

From: Zaliza Said <>
Subject: From Zaliza
Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 11:21 AM
Hello, how are you? Well it might seem strange contacting you, but i want to
meet someone from malaysia, Someone with my ancestors blood, i want to know my root
better, so can i be your friend? here is my email hope
to hear from you... Zaliza

email kedua selepas aku dengan gatainya mereply balik

From: Zaliza Said []
Sent: 26 Aug, 2010 4:18 AM
Subject: hi

Hi,Thank you very much for your response, may i know your name? How is Malaysia?I am so happy to hear from you. I want to get to know you better. I am Zaliza Said,I am mixed Malaysian and British, my father is Malaysia and my mother is British,i was born in London but studied in the States,i have lived all my life here in the UK.I have been wanting to visit Malaysia, but i have never really had a concrete reason to do that, omg..
I have never been there,i feel so happy that i can communicate with someone from my father's land and i now have hope that i will visit soon, haaaaa!!!, i am so excited.Well i a 32 years old single lady....I live in London, I work with the BMW company as a resource analyst. My parents have everything they want in life, they are shareholders in many big companies here in the UK,so they still try to do everything for me which i don't fancy anymore, they are making me feel like a baby for too long, i am 32 years old!!for crying out loud,they bought so many bank shares for me that pays me now so much well. I would be really glad to hear from you soon.



From: Zaliza Said []
Sent: 27 Aug, 2010 2:53 AM
Subject: My dear is me zaliza

Hi dear,you can call me Liza for short.Woo oh,i am so pleased to meet you,maybe i should just address you as my sister.Thank you so much for your e-mail, i appreciate your message.It's nice to know you have a wonderful family over there.I cannot speak malay. Actually my father is from Sarawak Malaysia, but since i was born i have never been there, that is why i have chosen to come over and see how Malaysia looks like. Would you be chanced to show me around? I would love to come there by October,its my one month leave from work to stay for 2 to 3 weeks, i hope i will not be inconveniencing you.Thank you for the pictures,they are really nice,i would appreciate it if you can send me a single picture of yourself,so that i can get a cleared view.I attached my pictures to this mail hope u like it.I will be waiting to read from you soon.


From: Zaliza Said <>
Subject: Hello dear is zaliza
Date: Friday, September 3, 2010, 12:36 PM
Hi sister
I hope you and your family are fine? Sorry for the late reply,i have been busy with work.I feel great!! I am so happy that i finally met someone that lives in malaysia, you capture my every thought,i thank you for your kind words and your acceptance to show me around,i will be most grateful if you can accompany me during my stay as i do not know anybody in Malaysia.If you don't mind to send me pictures of you to my email,i will be more than happy to get them. One thing you should know more about me is that I am a very honest and modest lady,hope you like that,i do not even speak little of Malaysia language, oh so bad, hope you will teach me? I will be waiting to read again from you,your sweet words and assuring too, thank you so so glad i met you...take care now...Please I want you to help me look for a very nice house with swimming pool and a lawn tennis court in a very nice location because I will like to buy a house. Also I want to know about good business that I can invest in there in Malaysia  and let me see if i can invest in it. Would be nice if you called me on my cell phone; +447010045992.Take care of yourself.
From: Zaliza Said []
Sent: 22 Sep, 2010 4:25 PM

Subject: I hope you are fine...
My dear i am so happy to find some one like you.Thank you for telling me about my Malaysia,i can imagine it's a lovely place.I so much like the pictures you sent to me,what a fun having night you had with your family,i guess i have really missed alot,i wish i was there to celebrate with you my dearest sister.You are such a great woman,but you have to promise me something, you have to be honest with me, I am sending you a gift to show that I really appreciate you. I value our friendship.You are a very nice woman and I will love to see you soon.I know you will be surprise when you see the gift,I hope you like what I will send to you,please you will have to send me the address you want me to send the gift to ok.
Dear please  send my your personnel details, your full name:,  full house address:,mobile or contact number:and email address:
Have a blissful day.Hope to hear from you soon so that I can try and send it by tomorrow.
With Love
From: Zaliza Said []
Sent: 28 Sep, 2010 11:35 PM
Subject: Hi dear is the tracking number
Hi sister,how are you doing? I tried calling you today but there was no answer,i guess you were busy at that time.I have sent the gift to you at about 10:00am my time, but i have been so busy to send the tracking number of your gift from the alpha international courier service, so i decided to send it to you now that i have free time.I miss you so much.

Here is the tracking information of your parcel.

Alpha International Courier Service
Tracking Number: ACS878320918291

Please to track your parcel click on the link and put your tracking number.please keep tracking the parcel till it gets to you.Do have a lovely day.
I await your reply.

With Love 
From: Zaliza Said <>
Subject: Hope to see you soon my dear....
Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 3:35 AM

My dear sister how are you doing? I hope you are fine.I guess i will have to try to call you later.I am so happy i found you honey,you are a dream come true for me,i have always desire to be in Malaysia for a better reason,i think now is the right time.Dear have you tracked the parcel? Its a token of my appreciation to you sweetheart.I wanted the parcel to reach you first before i tell you the content, but sweetheart i am so anxious i cannot wait any longer, lol, i want to tell you myself, hum mm.... do you know what, i put inside the parcel? i put the sum of 100,000pound,a model HP laptop,a gold wristwatch,model nokia hand phone communicator,flowers,pictures,and  t-shirts hehehehe...darling i want you to take 40,000pound from the 100,000pound and pay at least upfront for a house, keep 60,000pound for me that is the money that i will use  to start the project when am in Malaysia with you .........then from my 60,000pound you have to take some money inside and book a 5Star hotel for me a place were i will stay when come over i hope you understand me, please as soon as you receive the parcel just let me know so that we can make more plans because i really want to enjoy my vacation in Malaysia.....I will be coming to Malaysia soon, i am waiting for my boss to approve my leave,have a nice day, i love you sister...

With love

From: Zaliza Said []
Sent: 01 Oct, 2010 4:47 AM
To: Hanna Bt Yusof Hanna

Subject: Please my dear sister...

My dear how are you? it was nice hearing your voice too,I wanted to know if you have receive the package i sent to you because the courier company here in UK called me that the package has arrived Malaysia but you are failing to comply with their requirements,when i saw your mail i had to call them immediately to confirm if you needed to pay any fee.The officer in charge told me that it is the normal process there in Malaysia,that they need to charge you some amount.I am so devastated right now,i don't know what to do,please my dear i want you to try to comply with them,so that they can make the delivery to you immediately.At present i cannot send money to you honey because i am 13hrs from the main land so i can't do anything now.I do not want my parents to know about this or else they will kill me. I am restless now,i can't concentrate because of this problem.There is no western union where i am now,please please my dear sister you have to do something about this,i do not want anything to happen to the money,do not worry about the fee you will spend,you will remove it from the 100,000 pound cash i put in the envelope when you receive the package.

Please let me know as soon as you receive the package.miss you dearly.

With love

--- On Sat, 10/2/10, Zaliza Said wrote:

From: Zaliza Said
Subject: my dear sister...
Date: Saturday, October 2, 2010, 1:54 AM

My dear how are you? i hope you and your family are fine.Please my dear sister you should sound this way,this really makes me so worried.I have confirmed from the Alpha courier company and they told me that the clearance process is a normal procedure in Malaysia,i want you to know that the Alpha courier is an international courier company based here in England.The parcel was sent using their diplomatic service from London to Malaysia,they do not have any branch office in Malaysia.I having been feeling so sick because of this clearance problem,i don't know what else to do,you really have to help me settle the clearance,i promise that as soon as you receive the parcel you will have to take back the money you spend from the 100,000pound.Please my dear sister i do not want anything to ruin my plans of coming to Malaysia.I hope to hear good news from you soon.Bye dear and have a lovely weekend.
With lovezaliza

dan ini adalah reply aku yang terakhiruntuk dia.. lepas tu xde lagi connection sebb dia dah tahu yag aku tahu yang dia itu PENIPU BESARRRRRRR

My Liza dearest..
After checking with Custom dept& pos Malaysia, they adviced me not to do any payment to Malaysian Security Warehouse.As per Custom Malaysia. There are a few reason as i refuse to comply with their requirement :
1st – they don’t want me to go & do the clearance. They said bank in the money first the only they will send delegate to send the parcel to me.

2nd- they don’t have official ‘Malaysian Security Warehouse’ acc number. The number they give to me is a personnel acc no. this is nonsense, such a big company claim that they dont have a company acc number..
3rd – I have offer them to go at their office, make payment and collect the parcle from them. but they don’t allowed me to go at their place . its sound weird. Even Custom also at least hv a service counter for customer to collect their parcle/goods.
4rd- They don’t have any proof or any doc such as clearance form, copy of shipment or any doc related to the parcel and they refuse to give me a letter saying that they hold the parcel like normal procedure by Custom.
5th- I was understand there are many cases related to this matters happened before.
  What happend if they cheat me? you will lost the 100,000 pound in the envelope.. and at the same time i hv to replace the MYR4250 which i lend here.
The best way to solve this problem is, you may ask the ACS courier service to send back the parcle to you.



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